About Us

We are Threez A Charm also known as Marissa, Lisa, Carina (left to right). Lisa is the mom of this company, the foundation and rock, and without her, this company would not exist. (We love you, mom ;) ) In 2021, we came up with 'Threez A Charm' because the three of us came together to make this business happen, and third time makes the charm. In this case, it's the third person who made the charm. ;)
We are strong believers and followers of Jesus Christ, without Him, we couldn't be us! Some of our designs will be based off of the Bible or personal devotions, and some will be unique, fun, and part of us. We also are big believers in having a good time in all seasons of life, and here, you can customize your good time with whatever makes you smile!
Welcome to the Threez A Charm family! <3